Strays' Christmas- Dec 19th

Waifs and strays, orphans and other forsaken individuals, we at Tavolone would like to announce that you are not alone. We too are here in the darkest, depths of English winter. We too are preparing for a Christmas far away from our families. We too need a giant table of friends to sooth our Christmas souls.

Please allow Tavolone to present you, our London family, the Tavaolone Christmas Feast

While everybody looks forward to a turkey, goose or duck cooked by their long suffering mothers for Christmas day, we thought what would cause excitement in our bellies is the good, old pig. So on the 19th of December we are getting a couple of suckling pigs straight from the farm. Then we will roast  them slowly in our giant ovens downstairs at Mother.  

All of this will come, of course, with roasted potatoes and other winter vegetables and there might also be some Semmel Knoedel, because you can never have enough of those in winter.

And since we could not yet decide on the dessert we have to present a rather broad compromise: there will also be a selection of middle European cakes. Dinner starts at 7pm.


Aperol Spritz and Appetizers

Roasted Suckling Pig
Sides: Winter greens, Roast Potatoes, and possible Semmel Knoedel

A selection of middle European cakes

Price £40 including wine
Places are limited