His Majesty, the Rabbit- 7 November

Hello to the good people of London, Tavolone are thrilled to announce the next pop up dinner at Mother. We would like invite all of you to join to an unforgettable, full immersion journey through extraordinary taste: Ladies and Gentelman, Boys and Girls, we present to you, His Majesty, The Rabbit. Overlooked, ignored and most of the time set aside in favor of the aristocratic meats, the Rabbit is a delicious dish which demonstrates his exellence in a combination of succulent meat and delicate taste. Almost forgotten on menus of the day, the incredible rabbit has, since ancient times, brought sustanence to many an economically challenged table. Favoring taste and sustenance over gauche and cliched normalacy, Tavolone is proudly bringing the noble Rabbit back to the kitchen. We can't beat the crisis, but we can eat like Kings and feast like we have never done before.

We are congregating in the Main Hall of Mother at 7.00 pm with Aperol spritz to drink to the majestic Rabbit, before taking our places at the table for supper.

His majesty is back.


The Menu

- Appetizer
Bruschetta, olives and Rabbit kidney patè

- Starter
Homemade pappardelle with juniper sauce

- Main
Rabbit stuffed with seasonal herbs

- Sides
Roast Potatoes, winter greens

- Desert
Spiced apple and prune cake with cream

Served with wine from Borough Wines.
Places are limited to 40
Book your places here.