Dumpling Tour - 20th of February

"I am the emperor, and I want dumplings."
Emperor Ferdinand I

With Carnival beginning it must be the end of winter... but while everyone else is busy chasing the winter demons away we at Tavolone are looking at all the lovely wintery things that we'll be leaving behind.

We're not saying that we aren't excited that spring is around the corner, just that it would be sad to kick winter out the door before we've had just one last sip of broth, a last taste of goulash and a final spoon of homemade custard. Winter food warms the soul, it gladdens the heart, it puts hairs on your chest, and most importantly, its delicious!

So Tavolone invites you for one last Winter Rendezvous and we tried to decide what of all of our favourite things is the most quintessentially Winter... of course you know the answer: Dumplings, those wondrous, toothsome, versatile heroes of the winter meal!


- Aperol Spritz, Slithers of Speck and hard cheese with toasted Dumpling

- Starter -
- Beef Broth & with a Marrow Dumpling

- Mains -
Austro Hungarian Gulasch with Semmel Knoedel, white wine Sauerkraut

- Desert -
Semolina Dumpling filled with plum and liberally doused with homemade custard

Price £40 including half bottle of wine