• LIFT Festival

    Tavolone crew is joining LIFT - one of the most revolutionary Theatre Festivals in London. From unforgettable cultural experience to unforgettable bagels. Together with 'Change..for a Tenner', Tavolone travels around London's most hidden and most famous stages.

    On the menu - Revolutionary East End Bagels from underlinings who had to make their own revolutions:

    The jewish Classic - Salt Beef, Mustard and Gurken

    Hagenot - Salmon, Creme Fraiche and Dill

    Replaced European - Piquillo Peppers and Manchego

    Our next collaboration with LIFT is 'Change..for a tenner' series finale in Shoreditch Town Hall on the 26th of June. See you there.



  • The Waiting Room, Colchester- 26th of April

    From East London to east England, the Tavolone crew are coming to the Waiting Room in Colchester for a feasting around our very long tables.. 

    Putting a spring in your step with locally sourced ingredients and greens foraged from around our home in Hackney, we'll be reinterpreting Italian classics in keeping with the season. 

    We are also calling on our amazing network of natural wine merchants to provide a selection of surprising of natural wines that we have matched to our spring menu.

    -The Menu-

    Aperol Spritz and Tapas

    - Menu Option 1 -
    Butter Bean, Leek and Cauliflower Salad
    Coniglio a’la Cacciatore (braised Rabbit Ligurian style) 

                                                                          Rhubarb Fool 

    - Menu Option 2 - 
    Baccala con Carciofi - salt cod and artichokes
    Devilled Crab a'la Siciliana

    Rhubarb Fool 

    -Menu Option 3-
    Herbadella con Salata di Bosco- Baked polenta filled with peccorino, ricotta and red onion served with foraged springs green

    Rhubarb Fool 

    Foraged Green Salad
    Roast Potatoes

    Price £29 plus Wine and/or Kombucha

  • Makers Wednesday

    Every Wednesday night at the Waiting Room in Colchester St Botolph's organises a Makers Wednesday and Tavolone has been invited to join the ranks. Its the season when everything is growing splendidly and we think that there could be nothing finer than capturing the tasty, vibrant deliciousness in a time capsule called a preserve. We are concentrating on fermented and preserved foods and teaching everyone has a chance to learn how to create Kimchi, Sauerkraut and Kombucha. 

    You dont need to book so just turn up at the door with a jar if you want to enjoy an evening of making.

  • Hanging Around in the Waiting Room, Colchester

    From east London to east England, the people behind Tavolone are heading to the Waiting Room in Colchester! 

    Putting a spring in your step with locally sourced ingredients and greens foraged from around our home, we'll be reinterpreting Italian classics in keeping with the season. We are going to be in the Waiting Room, right beside the First Site gallery, from Wenesday evening, when we are teaching fermentation and preserves at the Makers Evening, though to Sunday. 

    Get a lesson in Kimchi, Sauerkraut and Kombucha making on Wednesday, drop in for lunch on Friday, Saturday or Sunday or book a ticket for our delicious Tavolone classic sit down meal on Saturday evening.

    We look forward to seeing you there.

  • Put a Spring in your... Mouth, 2nd of May

    Finally, finally, at last Tavolone is emerging from hibernation and we are back to help you feel the spring. Giorgio is flying in especially from Rome and bringing with him some culinary surprises.  

    Together we have designed the perfect mix of early spring delights combining freshly made Pesto alla Genovese within a light Lasagne followed by one of the most renowned classics of Italian cooking: the Saltimbocca alla Romana, which literally means 'jump into the mouth'.. This dish is so delicious with fresh spring herbs and it’s just perfect for this time of the year when we are in between seasons and your belly desires something both fresh and hearty. These Roman butterflyed meat filets are filled with prosciutto topped with fresh sage leaves and cooked in Marsala wine and butter and served with a spring salad.  We will end the meal with the essence of spring: homemade mint icecream with freshly sprouted mint from our own garden. 

    We should also mention that our friends at Pipai, a young and superb wine importer from Italy will pair each course with delicious wines. We have tried their wines and the verdict has been universal: they know what a good grape can add to a meal.* 

    -The Menu-

    Spumante and nibbles

    *(For the welcome drink, we think that our Spumante rosé metodo classico is perfect.  It is a champagne type drink but made from the Sangiovese grape which is grown in the Chianti Classico DOCG (this is the only producer who makes this kind of wine so it is a real treat).  It is perfect for the spring and is a lot of fun.

    Lasagne Verdi al Forno
    filled with Pesto alla Genovese

    Saltimbocca alla Romana
    Vegetarian option: Portobello Mushroom filled with spring herbs and wild Garlic 

    Sides: green spring salad

    *(The mains have been paired with our Verdicchio dei Castelli di Jesi Classico. This is a well structured wine and has won MANY awards, both in Italy and in the UK.

    HomeMade Mint Icecream 

    Price £40 including 1 glass of Prossecco, and one glass of wine per course (three glasses)

  • Dumpling Tour - 20th of February

    "I am the emperor, and I want dumplings."
    Emperor Ferdinand I

    With Carnival beginning it must be the end of winter... but while everyone else is busy chasing the winter demons away we at Tavolone are looking at all the lovely wintery things that we'll be leaving behind.

    We're not saying that we aren't excited that spring is around the corner, just that it would be sad to kick winter out the door before we've had just one last sip of broth, a last taste of goulash and a final spoon of homemade custard. Winter food warms the soul, it gladdens the heart, it puts hairs on your chest, and most importantly, its delicious!

    So Tavolone invites you for one last Winter Rendezvous and we tried to decide what of all of our favourite things is the most quintessentially Winter... of course you know the answer: Dumplings, those wondrous, toothsome, versatile heroes of the winter meal!


    - Aperol Spritz, Slithers of Speck and hard cheese with toasted Dumpling

    - Starter -
    - Beef Broth & with a Marrow Dumpling

    - Mains -
    Austro Hungarian Gulasch with Semmel Knoedel, white wine Sauerkraut

    - Desert -
    Semolina Dumpling filled with plum and liberally doused with homemade custard

    Price £40 including half bottle of wine

  • Strays' Christmas- Dec 19th

    Waifs and strays, orphans and other forsaken individuals, we at Tavolone would like to announce that you are not alone. We too are here in the darkest, depths of English winter. We too are preparing for a Christmas far away from our families. We too need a giant table of friends to sooth our Christmas souls.

    Please allow Tavolone to present you, our London family, the Tavaolone Christmas Feast

    While everybody looks forward to a turkey, goose or duck cooked by their long suffering mothers for Christmas day, we thought what would cause excitement in our bellies is the good, old pig. So on the 19th of December we are getting a couple of suckling pigs straight from the farm. Then we will roast  them slowly in our giant ovens downstairs at Mother.  

    All of this will come, of course, with roasted potatoes and other winter vegetables and there might also be some Semmel Knoedel, because you can never have enough of those in winter.

    And since we could not yet decide on the dessert we have to present a rather broad compromise: there will also be a selection of middle European cakes. Dinner starts at 7pm.


    Aperol Spritz and Appetizers

    Roasted Suckling Pig
    Sides: Winter greens, Roast Potatoes, and possible Semmel Knoedel

    A selection of middle European cakes

    Price £40 including wine
    Places are limited


  • His Majesty, the Rabbit- 7 November

    Hello to the good people of London, Tavolone are thrilled to announce the next pop up dinner at Mother. We would like invite all of you to join to an unforgettable, full immersion journey through extraordinary taste: Ladies and Gentelman, Boys and Girls, we present to you, His Majesty, The Rabbit. Overlooked, ignored and most of the time set aside in favor of the aristocratic meats, the Rabbit is a delicious dish which demonstrates his exellence in a combination of succulent meat and delicate taste. Almost forgotten on menus of the day, the incredible rabbit has, since ancient times, brought sustanence to many an economically challenged table. Favoring taste and sustenance over gauche and cliched normalacy, Tavolone is proudly bringing the noble Rabbit back to the kitchen. We can't beat the crisis, but we can eat like Kings and feast like we have never done before.

    We are congregating in the Main Hall of Mother at 7.00 pm with Aperol spritz to drink to the majestic Rabbit, before taking our places at the table for supper.

    His majesty is back.


    The Menu

    - Appetizer
    Bruschetta, olives and Rabbit kidney patè

    - Starter
    Homemade pappardelle with juniper sauce

    - Main
    Rabbit stuffed with seasonal herbs

    - Sides
    Roast Potatoes, winter greens

    - Desert
    Spiced apple and prune cake with cream

    Served with wine from Borough Wines.
    Places are limited to 40
    Book your places here.


  • So English!- 18th October

    Tavolone is creating a private dinner for the British Council who are bringing 17 entrepreneurs from 17 different countries to England for their Young Creative Entrepreneur Programme. As their very enthusiastic hosts, we thought it would be fun to do something super British for this menu and we are have pies, of course!

    We are very excited to invite guest chefs for the evening too. Coming all the way from the Yorkshire Dales, pie specialists, Michael Pickard and Chris Payne are our special chefs for the evening. Their pub, The Roebuck, is a no-nonsense gastro-pub that has received widespread praise for the quality of their food; particularly their homemade pies and home smoked fish and meats. Sounds like our cup of tea!

    Just for us they are laying out a seasonal Yorkshire spread of the finest fare from the region with smoked fish, game pies and some local beer to wash it all down.


    Smoked Haddock,Leek Quiche

    Smoked Fish and Game, Rare Breed Sausages, Pigs Head Terrine,

    -- Mains --
    Roebuck Pie, Rabbit Pie, Meat & Potato Pie
    Sides: Roast Roots and Mushy Peas

    -- Dessert --
    Yorkshire Parkin and Bonfire Toffee Sauce with Dales Ice Cream

    Drinks: Selection of Yorkshire beers
    Places are strictly invite only.

  • Goodbye Summer- 20 September

    Its the end of summer and to see it off we're creating an English Summer Bonanza. Peas and courgettes combine to make the most wonderful, fresh soup which tastes like the essense of warm weather in England. Ginger Pig Chicken and big leafy green salads carry that initial freshness into our mains and Christian and I have been experimenting with pear tarts to round the meal off. We are now pretty confidient that we've invented something absolutley divine so even though this blog comes at late notice we think the evening will be a pretty good.

    We're reurning to the loving arms of Mother... or at least the lovely main hall for the meal and as per usual the evening begins for drinks and nibbles at 7:00 and goes on until late.

    Remeber to book in advance so we know you're coming in advance. We're looking forward to seeing you there!



    - Appetizers
    A mix of stand up assorted snacks and a glass of Prosecco

    - Starter
    Pea and Courgette Soup with Creme Fraiche and Sorrell, with bread from the E5 Bake House

    - Mains 
    Ginger Pig Roast Chricken with Bread Stuffing

    - Sides
    Chickpeas with Saffron and Courgette  
    Summer Salad

    - Dessert 
    Pear Tarte Tatin with Clotted Cream 

    Included: wine supplied by Borough Wines 

    Price: £40 

    Places are limited

    Book here