• Tavolone Goes To Rome

    Christian and I have just returned from our journey to Rome... where it was raining. However we did find some evidence that summer is on its way when we went prowling around the markets in preparation for our Bring On The Summer event on Wednesday 30th; finding inspiration, buying cheese for the dinner and looking for a wine supplier. Fun. We noticed that Giordano Bruno didn't seem to mind the rain and we tried to take inspiration from him. So much delicious food- check out these beans... and this basil which we will need to buy at some crazy hour from New Covent Garden on the 30th. I love the smell of basil when I'm making pesto... mmmmmm, I can't wait. and pesto means cheese! Yummy. We got some of this pecorino and parmigiano for next week. Hard not to open in in advance! ... Probably should have brought one of these to get everything back from the market... As cool as all the food was our favourite thing was this The logo on the scales is from the Roma Football club. Check out the woman who owns the stall. She is brilliant. ... nothing compares to her extraordinary customized ear rings with the club logo. She told us that she goes to the stadium every Sunday and likes she goes to work to the market every day.   Who said that true passion never comes as twice...? We went to see some of my favourite markets including Ostiense, Testaccio, Valmelaina, and Campo dei Fiori where all the photos came from and had an absolutely fantastic time but it was great to get back last night to a warm summer evening! Maybe our food with fit the season after all.