• Truffle Confidentials

    Our marinated lamb chops

    warming up for the dinner...

    truffle grinding

    get ready...

    waiting for truffle

    sweet slices....yummy

    our best barkeeper

    truffle confidentials!

    at least ..truffle memorabilia

    waiting for a white...autumn


  • Tapas at Lock 7 Cafe

    Last Friday Kathryn and Leigh hosted us for a lovely evening of Tapas and chatting at Lock7 Cycle Cafe. It was so nice for me to introduce all of our friends at Tavolone to my favourite bike shop in London! I have always taken my bike there to be repaired and now they definately have one new convert... Kathryn is so sweet that she replaced Priyas punctured inner tube at 11:00 at night so she could bike home. How absolutely charming!

    Olly was making Spritzers outside...

    and we were serving Borough wine, beer and Brindisa tapas in the shop...yummy

  • Truffles have arrived

    Truffle delivery has just arrived at our home directly from Umbria...

    It might be a challenge to wait untill the dinner...

    Have a look at the menu and book for Wednesday.

  • Summer at Mother

    Imperia machine at work..hard to beat

    Delicious pistacchios from Bronte (Sicily), the one and the only city of Pistacchio

    There is never enough space when you are making handmade pasta for forty people...

    18.30 Tavolone is ready 

  • Grazie Mille! Summer is here

    Look at the amazing pasta monster we found on the table afterwards- He is lovely. I especially like his fart. It was so much fun to have an extra table... you can see it here.

    Thanks again to everyone that made it. We can't wait to see you at the next one. 


  • Table Settings for Summer Tavolone

    While those boys were away eating amazing food and testing wine suppliers in Italy... poor things!... I have been here, in London, thinking about the table design...

    I’ve decided to make the flower arrangemnts as edible as possible so I’m raiding my garden and using mint, oregano, rosemary, bayleaves, and parsley for my greens and roses (we have the most amazing rose tree at our house). Because I don’t want my garden to be completely naked I’m thinking about tulips or carnations to make sure we got enough colour.

    There are no vases at mother so it’ll all be in their teapots- nice to keep it as edible as possible.
    Here are my trial flowers...

    ... and I think that top image might be the place mats for the night but I need to check with the boys...

  • Spreading the Word for Summer

    I've been dropping fliers around east London - heres a photo of it at Climpson's on Broadway Market. I'm actually starting to get really excited. Its going to be awesome. Hopefully I'll see you there!

  • Knoedle Recipe

    Dumplings recipe from South Tyrol

    Find yourself a loaf of stale, white bread (or dry it in the oven). This should be relatively easy. Use your fingers (no machines or knives!!) to break up into duck bite sized chunks (5mm in diameter round about) mix with:

    lukewarm milk
    1 egg
    lots of chopped parsley
    finely sliced speck

    This mixture should not feel very wet. To mix through the moist parts toss the whole thing like you might a salad. When its still not too wet, try pressing it into a ball about the size of a small fist. If it sticks well together then you have made yourself a knoedle.

    Steam them for 10-15 minutes and you will have the most delicious sauce sopper in the whole world.

  • Ham Hangover

    Sorry its taken so long to write… we must have got a ham hangover! Above you can see the long tables at Mother being prepared for the dinner.

    Tavolone was a roaring success but we promise to bring along a few more bottles of Prosecco next time because it disappeared in a flash! It was our first time cooking without a real chef to give us a hand- so it felt pretty hectic in the kitchen but it was amazing to be able to sit down at the table with everyone for the dinner. We finally managed to run a real family kitchen… look at us go!

    Our next post is going to be a knoedle recipe (those bread dumplings that you were all asking about) seeing as lots of you had never eaten them before and they really are the most wonderful things- great for soaking up sauce with dinner and even better fried in butter the next day.

    You can see us making the starters in the image above- The meat is fennel salami and ham and the white stuff is finely sliced Kohlrabi with crushed roasted pumpkin seeds on top. Before that leaves the kitchen its going to be doused in pumpkin seed oil.

    Our some the twice cooked (and beautifully shaved) pork knuckles and sauerkraut.

    Lots of dousing went on- here the pig knuckles are receiving their sauce from Giorgio and Willie

    Below there is a glimpse of the salad which was made from lots of different sweet, bitter and salad leaves with roasted pine nuts and herbs, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil.

    and finally…

    We got so many comments about the menu from committed vegetarians that next time- one time only (most likely) we are going to have a Vegetarian Tavolone with lots of different pasta pesto, delicious salads and of course, tiramisu.

    Thanks so much for your help Emma, Willie and Giorgio- you were amazing!