Spring has been Sprung

Last night Tavolone sprang into spring with a marvellous dinner at Mother. PiPai provided us with some amazing wines to go with our fresh and herby dinner. It really felt like a celbration yesterday evening - not just because the weather is finally getting warming, but also becuase we had a month off and we were really starting to miss all of our lovely guests.

After nibbling on olives and sippiung on an absoluelty fantasatic Spumante we all found our way to the table for the main event- Food! Christian was in charge of the first course creating a Vegetarian Lasagne with Bechemel sauce and his specialty, Pesto alla Genovese... 

The lasagne tasted as good as it looks- perfect.

In the meantime Giorgio was in the kitchen rolling the chicken Saltimbocca alla Romana. Again you can see from the picture...

it was divine. And look at our proud chef!

This left me on dessert and typically I decided to make something I'd never made before: Kola Kakor- a delicious, crunchy, hokey pokey-ish, golden syrup biscuit which I served with soft, creamy home made vanilla icecream. It was amazing.

And it was really fun to make too!


I also made a cake with ingredients that were sitting around anyway: Bread Flour, 1 Egg, Butter, Maple Syrup, Tired Apples, Prunes, Earl Grey Tea. A bit hippie I know but it really did make a delicious light loaf.

Thanks so much to everyone who made it last night and to PiPai for the wine. It was great to see you all again. And thanks to Felix, Willie and Lars who were so amazingly helpful- We think you are all terrific!