Mutton Feast Cooked Under a Bell

Ah, it all looks innocent enough to start with. Chrisitan and Rob fill the tractor with petrol to get the adventure started: Prepare a sheep for dinner from start to finish for our lovely hosts, Annabel and Peter.

We picked our two favourite and yummy looking sheep from the paddock rounded them up and pulled out our knives. No pictures of the gory bits- we have to have a bit of respect for the poor sheep... but here we are skinning and gutting them. We have suspended them from the tractor forks so we can drain the blood quickly and also adjust the height. You can see our lovely host, Annabel, in the middle.

Here we have the should which we are going to dress with olive oil, rosemary, garlic and anchovy. 

Yummy, it already looks delivious and we havent even started cooking it.

We are cooking this should under a giant cast ion bell- its a trick we learned in Crotia and we love it. First of all find yourself a giant cast iron bell...

Second you need to cut up a sheet of corrugated iron and make a sombrero hat for the bell which will hold all the coals on top of the dome. Thusly...

Light your fire to get the coals ready. Put the bell over the meat, pile the coals on top and you're cooking. For a shoulder this size it will take about 4-5 hours. 

Unfortuntaley for us we were just the cooks so once we got it to this stage we were off. Great reports about the meal though and fabulous fun getting it ready!