At Tavolone (italian for ‘big table’) we make lovely, homemade food and eat together around a long table. Imagine a big Italian family dinner – fresh food, wine and lovely conversation.

For one night each month we transform a venue into a Trattoria and invite our friends and their friends. Each night is different and our promise is you will have a good time.

Tavolone is the creation of Hannah, who also does HannahRings Jewellery, Giorgio and Christian, who also runs MiniBarLabs. They have travelled, enjoyed and studied the worlds of food from Italy, Brazil, Austria, New Zealand, Germany to Bangladesh. We mostly cook ourselves, with the occasional guest chef from our foodie friends, who have cooked at restaurants like Moros, St Johns, Meraz Cafe, or the River Cafe.

We could write much more, but essentially we have outgrown our dinner parties and now we want longer tables. Come, eat and enjoy. After one too many soggy sandwiches and unimaginative food at events, we also provide catering for events and private dinners.